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"It's Better To Build Children Now,Than Repair Them Later"



happy kidsAt Children “R” Us, we are proud of the many programs we have offered through the years. We currently have one location in Ventura CA, where we provide quality childcare services for children. During the early educational and preschool formative years, children are exposed and taught the very fundamentals of Preschool learning. Our program goals and objectives are broken down on a monthly, then weekly calendar and instructional sheet. Teachers use these calendars and instructional sheets to strive to ensure each child receives the maximum curriculum benefit. Class sizes are small and personable. Children are taught via curriculum assignments, circle time, music stimulation, computer, video, audio lessons and hands on explorations.

Our goal is to provide a culturally educationally enriched experience for your child every single day! It is our desire to provide all children with a creative learning experience through these Advance Preparatory Preschool Programs:

An Advance Preparatory Preschool Program that includes a balance between fun and learning…

An Advance Preparatory Pre-Kindergarten Program that will have your child well prepared for Kindergarten

Private Kindergarten
Children “R” Us‘ Kindergarten Program is the Pathway to Advancement and Higher Learning for your Child…


    Today's children need to be protected so that tomorrow's adults will be safe and healthy. [click here]

    Today's Children need to be taught to think for themselves and care for others. [click here]

    It is our mission to provide all children a creative learning experience and a solid academic foundation. [click here]

    Tell other parents in the community about the exciting programs their children can be part of at Children “R” Us. [click here]
  • Pre-School

    A Preparatory Program that includes a balance between fun and learning…

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  • Pre- Kindergarten

    For children aged 24 Months thru Pre-Kindergarten

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    A Kindergarten Program that is your child’s Pathway to Success…

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  • Our Curriculum

    A “Pathway to Success” learning program…

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  • Our Commitment

    We pledge to do our best at meeting each child’s individual needs…

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